A Dream Come True: Tegan and Sara in Manila!

November 25, 2013

It was surreal.

Maybe it was the 12 hours of lining up under the blazing Philippine sun (I will also make a pre-concert post) but the whole concert felt like a dream. I just can’t believe that I actually got to see Tegan and Sara, my favorite band in the world.

I’ve only been a fan for a few years (first heard of them in 2009) but believe me, my fangirling escalated pretty quickly since I first heard their So Jealous album as a senior in high school. Now that I’m a senior in college, my love and admiration for the twins are at an all-time high.

I remember watching an interview of T+S a while back and they said something about their fans being a reflection of who they are. What I think they meant is that they are still ordinary people, on and off stage. They are, and always will be, pretty much ordinary. Just normal people like us.

And that’s what I absolutely love about them- their humility! They are the most accommodating and caring band I know.

Who else makes so much way for their fans? No one, at least in recent music history.

“I love your music. They’ve helped me a lot in life.”

“I’ve spent hours just laying in bed while listening to your albums.”

I’ve always wondered if successful musicians ever got tired of hearing those lines from fans.ย Don’t they ever get repetitive? Not for T+S, apparently.

I was able to meet and greet T+S a day before the concert (again, that deserves another post) and their eyes just lit up whenever a fan talked to them. They were very sincere and grateful to be able to actually converse with the listeners of their music. I can only imagine how emotional that must be.

Tegan and Sara’s concert was the best I’ve ever attended. The fans were so invested in the music, it was insane. There were those who lined up for more than 10 hours (ahem ahem) and those who waited for over 10 years for the Quin twins to come to the Philippines.

You could tell that both the fans and the band were so happy. Happiness was glistening in everyone’s eyes. All emotion poured out into every song. Each lyric blurted out (no matter how off-tune) with a certain amount of bliss. It was a beautiful experience to have witnessed (and felt) all that.

Sara kept her hands in that position for quite some time while they performed Closer and as the crowd was jumping and singing along. I don’t know if she really does that but one thing is for sure: she was genuinely happy and we were equally as elated as she was.

This was when the audience went ahead of Tegan and just sang the whole first verse of Call It Off without her leading. She was pleased, I bet. Haha just look at that smile!

Tegan told us that we were–without a single blink of an eye–ย in the top 5 concerts they’ve ever had. Sara on the other hand said that it would be hard to believe that anyone who comes to the Philippines would ever say that we (the audience) were not having a good time.

We were a fantastic, deserving audience for such an amazing band. I’m just so glad that they loved their stay in the PH so much that they want to come back soon (maybe even for vacation).

Thank you to those who brought T+S to the Philippines! And thank you to the fabulous Tegan and Sara Philippine fanclub/group that really looked out for each other. I’ve never encountered such a caring group of fans in my life. Although I was alone for many hours before the concert, there was never a time that I felt lonely and alienated from them. ๐Ÿ™‚


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