A wonderfully simple Sunday

February 2, 2014

What? An update? Well, yes! This is my first post of the year, can you believe it?

I haven’t been able to update in sooo long because of–yes! You guessed it right!–school work. Even during the holidays I was flooded with so many pitches, researches, and papers! 😦 Oh well, at least I was able to get a decent break this weekend (despite having a Saturday class).

My mama went out of town today so I got the whole house to myself, and on such a beautiful day, too! Since I have minimal homework this week I took this opportunity to get back to my reading while snapping a few photos.

Some photos of my sunny day and my nephew pretending he’s a cardboard box robot are waiting under the cut!

I live right next to my brother’s house so with nothing to do, I went to check out what my nephew was up to.

The little boy was working hard to form his cardboard helmet.

“Sean, that’s too big for you”, I said. I’m such a killjoy, sometimes. Haha

Much better.

He had a hard time climbing the stairs with the darn thing. Figured he’d want to play with his toys instead, I went off to the backyard to read a book.

But first, photos of leaves. ~art~

But seriously, the sun was shining so beautifully earlier.

But you know, the sun shines every day, putting things in such spectacular light. It’s me who fails to take notice.

I blame my clouded and fatigued mind.

Which is why I’m thankful for days like this.

Nothing but my book and the warm breeze.

That is my The Elwins cap I got from their band merch store. I’ve started wearing it instead of a headband because who doesn’t like hats? Especially an awesome band merch hat? Hehe. Dork.

I regret not taking my camera later on because of two things: (1) I met a lovely reader of mine (who would’ve thunk, right?) while I was quietly reading a book alone in a mall, and (2) I played with my other nephew’s turtles named Louis Pasteur, Lincoln, and Einstein. It’s not everyday you meet such a sweetheart AND play with nerdy turtles.

Here’s to more days like today. 🙂


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