The Day We Tried Project Pie!

August 15, 2013

I’m no food blogger (and I’m a terrible ‘food photographer’ too) but who doesn’t like photos of PIZZA?

It was University Day last August 15, 2013 so we had the rest of the day off. Before I attended my meetings later in the day, I hung out with Max for a while and had late lunch.

Here she is in my room, totally blending in.

Then we headed on over to the newly opened Project Pie, a DIY pizza franchise from the US, located along Shaw Blvd! Here’s the façade shot with my new Polaroid pack camera :”)

The place is very spacious, probably 80% for the dining area while leaving the 20% for kitchen space.

The restaurant had a variety of seating and table options; it’s a good way to make customers feel more free to choose where to dine. 🙂

They also had a photo booth! But too bad they just use an iPad with no timer options. Wish they had an automated photo booth like in Jamba Juice though.

Also you’ll notice that all the facilities in the restaurant have labels on them.

Food is freshly prepared right in front of you. The employees are also very accommodating, welcoming any request for pizza toppings (no matter how weird the combination) as well as chatting up with the customers. They provide good service even if it’s mostly a self-service joint. 🙂 Reminds me of Starbucks’ Legendary Service protocol!

The pizza may not look so big but it’s actually a heavy meal because of the unlimited (fresh) toppings!

280php for a delicious DIY pizza with unlimited toppings? Totally worth it.


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