The Day We Tried Project Pie!

August 15, 2013

I’m no food blogger (and I’m a terrible ‘food photographer’ too) but who doesn’t like photos of PIZZA?



South Korea: Seoul + bits of the countryside [part one]

So it’s been almost 5 months since my first visit to the land of Korea, I think it’s about time I post some stuff from my trip!

I know the graphic emphasizes “Seoul” but this set of photos were taken…outside the metropolitan city. Haha. It’s the “bits of the countryside” part. You’ll mostly see some landscapes, a bunch of trees, mountains, leaves, soil…but it’s worth a look anyway ’cause the nature in South Korea is beautiful and well-preserved.

Enjoy! 🙂


The Summer of 2013

“When you’re young, you have all the time to go out and see the world. You’re free; the only thing stopping you is money. When you’re older–with a job, a family, and money–you realize you don’t have the time to travel. It’s ironic.”

My sister said this to me while I was brooding over a small problem I had a few months ago. I knew it was my last summer as a college student and I wanted to make the most out of it. My friends were willing travel buddies and I had plenty of time for flexible travel dates. The only problem was this: Being an unemployed (for the summer) Communication student, obviously I was broke.

Having an Italy (for the international conference) and Korea (with family) trip already lined up, I was afraid to ask my mum for further financial help. I sound so ‘spoiled’, I know. I probably am at some point, which is why I didn’t want to burden my mother even more.

Then at the right moment, Cebupac had its famous piso fare seat sale! My friends and I decided to get a roundtrip flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia and a 3-night stay at a 4-star hotel that was having a promo. The total of both amounted to only about 8k pesos, fitting my budget a.k.a allowance that I saved up since November 2012. For a while it seemed like I’d be able to handle my own expenses, be independent, free from any guilt that comes from asking too much financially. But what about food? Tuktuk fees? Entrance tickets? Ahhh. I found myself asking my mum for help in the end.

I am most grateful for my mother for allowing me (and actually making it possible) to experience other cultures, see some of the most beautiful sights, and meet wonderful people around the world. Which is why I never forget her when I am away from home.

As I go on Holy Week services as a pilgrim in Italy;

Our UNIV 2013 group at the Colosseo for Stations of the Cross

A view of Rome on top of a hill that we trekked from the Spanish Steps


Wanderland 2013 Part One (Taken By Cars, Pulso, She’s Only Sixteen, Yolanda Moon, Colour Coding, Avalanche City, Tully on Tully, Up Dharma Down)

Last Saturday, May 18, 2013, Manila witnessed its first Wanderland music festival. Filipinos have been begging for a big annual music fest for ages because other Southeast Asian countries have their own; Singapore got St. Jerome’s Laneway and even Indonesia just had its Big Sound Festival. Thanks to Karpos Multimedia, the Philippines has its own Wanderland now.

Special thanks to Zet of Restless Cities for getting me to cover this event. The wonderful article written by Weng accompanied by my photos can be viewed here:

But my own post about the festival (and other photos that didn’t make it in RC) can be found under the cut!


Shortlisted Student Entries

Never expected this..but I got in! What a blessing! Thank you, Lord!! ❤ 🙂

Bar Dolci Photo Gallery

1st Show: “Philippines” Shortlisted Student Entries

We want to congratulate all of the photographers who have passed the first step of the competition. We also want to thank everyone who participated and submitted their entries. It was very hard for us to decide due to the amount of talent and great work but these photos really stood out from the rest. We felt as if these photos really connected and represent the theme for the first show “Philippines”

Arturo Enriquez

one with the seasagadaentry

Cecilia Forbes

HomeCordillera Mountains

Christian De Leon

Kids of Habagat floodPadang Padang Maguindanao

Julian van Heeswijck

Family of Colors  Banka by the River

Michelle Lim

Fall of ManilaTwo Faces of Manila

Nicole Santos

UST Neo-centennial Celebration, Eternal OmniscenceTarsier, The Squint

Raniel Hernandez


Renell Salumbre

Rennell L. Salumbre - 04 Revelation - Pagbilao, Quezon  Rennell L. Salumbre - 01 Maelstrom - Bolinao, Pangasinan

The judging for the finalists, the last part of the competition will begin and we will release the results at the beginning of May 2013. Criteria is based on Subject Matter, Composition, Technique and Impact.

Copyright remains with the photographer at all times. Each entrant shall be deemed to warrant that they…

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Rome to Florence // 12 Days in Italia [Pt. II]

Day 2: March 22, 2013

Florence is one of my favorite cities in the world. Once a bustling merchant city and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance– any artist or lover of art and culture would surely fall in love with this place. I’m fortunate enough to have visited Firenze (Florence) twice, the first time being the summer of 2011. From what I remember, it was vibrant, busy, crowded; simply full of life in every corner. Last March 22, 2013 however, having gone right at the end of winter, Firenze was dark and less crowded but not lacking the charm and spirit that draws anyone, regardless of the season apparently, to the beautiful city.

I must warn you viewers though. This post is photo-heavy and by that I mean eighty photos heavy. If your bandwidth can handle it (and I hope it can), please enjoy this set of photos. If you haven’t seen Firenze during the end of winter– cloudy, deep shadows, more cigarettes lit compared to when it’s summer– then proceed under the cut! 😀


MNL – Dubai – Rome // 12 Days in Italia [Pt. 1]

Day 1: March 20-21, 2013

At exactly this time last year I was complaining about not getting to see the world. One year later I found myself in the economy section of a plane bound for Rome– not just for travel but also to present at an international congress! What a blessing!

But before me and a couple of my schoolmates could get to the Italian city to attend the UNIV 2013 Congress, we had to stop over Dubai.

My friends and I tried to look like backpackers sleeping in airports. Guarding my bulky bright orange bag, do I look like one yet? Haha jk!


The City

Because even if I hate how the buildings block the sun, how the smog replaces fresh air, and how life seems to go by at a much quicker rate in this place

somehow, I still find more reasons to fall in love with the city again and again


February 15, 2013

It’s been more than a month since my last post. School has been keeping me busy (what’s new?) that I hardly have time to take a look at what is happening around me. Even stopping just for a moment to see what my mum is up to to seems like too much of a hindrance.

There are many simple things that I wish to do again (if my schedule permits).


My DIY Travel Journal

January 1, 2013

It’s the first day of the year and as usual people are coming up with their yearly resolutions. I don’t really list down “new year resolutions” because I try to think of the things I should improve on everyday anyway. But just for kicks, I thought of making a travel journal after I saw this traveler’s scratch off map at the mall today (I didn’t buy it though lol). I love traveling. just going out embarking on adventures, and discovering more of the world. I also love documenting these ‘explorations’ of mine through photographs.

But I’ve come to realize that photography isn’t enough to encapsulate all of my experiences while traveling, that’s why I decided to keep a travel journal. It would contain far more details than photos. Photography is a powerful tool to show my travel experiences so obviously I’ll post more photos. But this journal is just for my personal use since I’m such a sentimental person who loves to keep memories in physical form.

So here’s to more travels, photographs and writings this year! 🙂

[my notebook by the way was given by the awesome Ms. Vida as a Christmas gift!]

Pathetically drawn typography :)) Crooked, awkward, quirky, but still trying to make a statement. So me.

Tried to be creative but failed. Haha excuse the sad attempt :))

[the mini rosary was given to me as a gift by a Venezuelan at the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid. I always keep it in my wallet]