Snippets (of January and February ’14)

I’m back and that means I’m finally done with college. 🙂

I’ll probably make a separate post specially for that but for now I’ll be posting my backlogs, and there are lots of ’em!

Jan. 27 – I’m an Integrated Marketing Communications student and a class of mine deals with different clients on a weekly basis. One of them was McDonald’s PH. Since it’s such a big account, we of course had to come up with possible ATL executions. One of which is radio. So here we are making a cute popfolk-sy jingle in our makeshift recording studio in school aka the basement parking lot.

Feb. 13 – Sleepovers are common for the students in my course. But on this day we had a sleepover not for academics but because we went out the night before to watch the wonderful musical, Wicked, which ended late at night! Here is Shelly the morning after, studying for our midterms in a few hours. Haha

Feb. 20 – My nephew got 3 new turtles as pets. From left to right, let me introduce you to Einstein, Lincoln, and Louis Pasteur. Nerd and geek genes run in the family, I know.

Feb. 21 – I had a ‘catch up’ lunch with one of my good friends from the lower years, Max. I rarely get to talk or hang with my friends because of the senior workload so I appreciate the short times I get to spend with them.

Feb. 22 – A new baby in the family is born!

Feb. 27 – Welcome to this awesome world, Elaina. Once your vision develops, your googly eyes will forever twinkle at the wonders of the world you’re yet to see!!

Well that was such a short post for two months! To be honest, I wasn’t able to capture much. Stress, physical and mental fatigue have left me uninspired and unwilling to lug my camera around. But on some days I was able to muster enough willpower to actually take pictures. Will be posting those in a while. 🙂

Thanks for viewing this post!


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