Wanderland 2013 Part One (Taken By Cars, Pulso, She’s Only Sixteen, Yolanda Moon, Colour Coding, Avalanche City, Tully on Tully, Up Dharma Down)

Last Saturday, May 18, 2013, Manila witnessed its first Wanderland music festival. Filipinos have been begging for a big annual music fest for ages because other Southeast Asian countries have their own; Singapore got St. Jerome’s Laneway and even Indonesia just had its Big Sound Festival. Thanks to Karpos Multimedia, the Philippines has its own Wanderland now.

Special thanks to Zet of Restless Cities for getting me to cover this event. The wonderful article written by Weng accompanied by my photos can be viewed here: http://www.restlesscities.com/2013/05/21/manilas-wanderland-2013-part-one/

But my own post about the festival (and other photos that didn’t make it in RC) can be found under the cut!

Taken By Cars – I was excited to watch them perform. Haven’t seen them since 2008 and they’re better than ever.

Pulso – This was my first time seeing them. Their performance was passionate and beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite local bands now and one of my favorite performances from the music festival.

She’s Only Sixteen – Catchy indie pop songs, great melodies, and an incredibly enjoyable band to see live.

Yolanda Moon – their blues-y and soulful ensemble was perfect for relaxing on the grass under the 4.30 pm Philippine sun.

Colour Coding – Upbeat pop music created by these charming guys from Sydney. The crowd really loved them, me included! I even found myself dancing in between taking pictures haha

Avalanche City – This was a band I really, really, really wanted to see. I am a big fan of folk music and was so glad this folk band from New Zealand was playing! It was beautiful seeing them perform as the sun was setting!

Tully On Tully – Now the party was on.

Tully On Tully had such good stage presence and charisma; this band from Melbourne made the Philippine crowd fall in love with them in a heartbeat.

Up Dharma Down – everyone in the crowd was anticipating Armi, Paul, Ean, and Carlos’ performance. They did not disappoint. They never do.

Part two will cover Nada Surf, Neon Trees and The Temper Trap! The three of them were all INCREDIBLE. So stay tuned for more!


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