MNL – Dubai – Rome // 12 Days in Italia [Pt. 1]

Day 1: March 20-21, 2013

At exactly this time last year I was complaining about not getting to see the world. One year later I found myself in the economy section of a plane bound for Rome– not just for travel but also to present at an international congress! What a blessing!

But before me and a couple of my schoolmates could get to the Italian city to attend the UNIV 2013 Congress, we had to stop over Dubai.

My friends and I tried to look like backpackers sleeping in airports. Guarding my bulky bright orange bag, do I look like one yet? Haha jk!

I couldn’t sleep in the plane. My insides were tied in knots. Ahh the thrill of traveling! I missed this feeling! But for some reason I felt like something was wrong upon arriving at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport.

Unfortunately my luggage got left behind in Dubai and I had to wait until the next morning for the airport staff to deliver it to my hotel. I’ve been wearing the same set of clothes for 24 hours, it was clear to me that I had to keep them on for another 12 hours or so. Disgusting. Oh well! Mishaps along the way are part of the traveling experience anyway.

[photo by Kim Cajucom]

Fast forwarding to pictures of Rome and its people (because I was too busy filling out dozens of lost luggage forms, I wasn’t able to photograph much at the airport)

This is where our hotel is located. A quiet suburban neighborhood that’s 8 minutes from the Vatican.

The simple square apartments and diverse middle-class population made the area quite charming actually, at least in my view.

My room mate and I ventured to the tops of the hotel to find the best view of Rome (from where we were located). The doors were locked but we had better luck the next day. Photos from that day will be posted soon!

After taking a quick shower at the hotel, the group and I went out to go on our first little adventure around Rome!

The picture below could’ve been better framed but the old man tending to his roses shooed me away, Italian style. I learned my lesson after this incident, I swear.

In Italy, the cafés are called “bars” where they don’t usually sell much alcohol. Which is okay because I love coffee more than alcohol. And y’all should know that I love drinking, so that’s saying something about my relationship with caffeine. Haha :))

The view right at the bus stop!

We were such tourists! Haha

San Pietro is just stunning at magic hour. The yellowing light gently brushing over the blessed marble walls. What an overwhelmingly beautiful sight.

After visiting the Vatican, we looked for a bar to grab some dinner.

Having my first taste of coffee heaven.

The barista (is that what they call them in Italy??) sharing a shot of espresso (which is what Italian coffee usually is) with us giddy tourists.


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