My DIY Travel Journal

January 1, 2013

It’s the first day of the year and as usual people are coming up with their yearly resolutions. I don’t really list down “new year resolutions” because I try to think of the things I should improve on everyday anyway. But just for kicks, I thought of making a travel journal after I saw this traveler’s scratch off map at the mall today (I didn’t buy it though lol). I love traveling. just going out embarking on adventures, and discovering more of the world. I also love documenting these ‘explorations’ of mine through photographs.

But I’ve come to realize that photography isn’t enough to encapsulate all of my experiences while traveling, that’s why I decided to keep a travel journal. It would contain far more details than photos. Photography is a powerful tool to show my travel experiences so obviously I’ll post more photos. But this journal is just for my personal use since I’m such a sentimental person who loves to keep memories in physical form.

So here’s to more travels, photographs and writings this year! 🙂

[my notebook by the way was given by the awesome Ms. Vida as a Christmas gift!]

Pathetically drawn typography :)) Crooked, awkward, quirky, but still trying to make a statement. So me.

Tried to be creative but failed. Haha excuse the sad attempt :))

[the mini rosary was given to me as a gift by a Venezuelan at the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid. I always keep it in my wallet]


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