Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)and its People

A couple of years ago the family company started importing some products from Vietnam. So in 2010 my mum took us to one of her business trips to Ho Chi Minh.

I don’t like being technical in my blog but I’d like to apologize in advance for the inconsistency of my photos in this entry. There are around 80-90 photos under the cut and all were shot with a broken 24-70mm Sigma lens so the focusing for some shots are off. Also, these photos were edited at different times so please don’t mind the weird color editing of some of the shots.

Anyway, enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them in the span of my 3-day trip to Ho Chi Minh about 2 years ago. 🙂

Breathtaking view from the plane. The rivers located in this country are so beautiful.

Mum in business mode.

After my mum’s meeting we started going around the city by foot.

One of the first stops was the local market where you can find so many cheap goods. I bought so many blooming teas and coffee beans there at a very, very affordable price! By the way, the Vietnamese locals are so nice and easy to talk to. It was always great walking around because of their friendliness!

Ho Chi Minh (I dont know in other parts of the country) is very, very humid. Good thing cheap refreshments are available almost everywhere.

Walking around the local park. Check out those locals doing some Tai Chi or some form of exercise.

One thing I noticed right away is the number of stores selling helmets

and floppy hats

and Communist stuff

Also: Jollibee.

Traffic in this city is insane. Messier than Manila’s but there’s some sort of system, still. Organized chaos, I guess? Maybe it’s just too scary for a foreigner like me to figure out.

Dinner! I looked forward to every meal in Vietnam. I love food and I eat anything, really. But Vietnamese food is just so good! And cheap!

Here’s a street version of Bahn Mi. Still good though.

Back to the hotel. Tired but it’s the good kind.

Shot from the hotel room’s balcony.

The next day mum and I tried the cycle rickshaw to go to the local Catholic church while my sister and brother walked. The cycle rickshaw drivers overcharge so we only tried ’em once.

I love how all the locals embody this distinct Vietnamese character.

This is from the church.

I think these are name placards of the departed.

We traveled to the Reunification Palace.

And saw some diligent kids on a field trip taking down notes.

Inside the Reunification Palace.

Buko or coconut is everywhere.

Here is the beautiful Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica.

My sister is a wedding planner/coordinator. She was amused at how this bride just hailed a cab so she can get to her reception/wedding. It must be very hard for the coordinator to keep things on track, said my sister.

16-year old me.

Here’s the Central Post Office with a picture of Ho Chi Minh himself, of course.

Walked around some more.

Local vendor greeting a tourist’s baby.

We went to the upscale side of Vietnam. It was mostly deserted and the prices of branded products are much cheaper than in the Philippines.

Another reason to love Vietnam? Their coffee. Their heart-palpitating coffee.

I saw these cameras for sale at a very low price. I sort of didn’t want to buy them because they were probably from the Vietnam war era. It wouldve been interesting though, to find an unprocessed roll of film in one of those cameras.

Again, refreshments are everywhere. And it’s kind of a local thing to just lounge in the streets sitting on Monobloc chairs.

Like this guy

This waffle vendor gave us free waffles. So nice!

We came across a shop selling replicas of some famous paintings.

And adorable versions of some others. I like this way more than the tiny Mona Lisa in the Louvre actually. Haha!

We also went to one of the small local malls to get some gifts to bring back home. Mum enjoyed talking to some locals and they even gave my mum a bag of delicious local fruit. Nice people, these Vietnamese.

Now to the War Remnants Museum.

I caught a soldier/guard checking out the exhibit.

And him being a protector of the country…I can only imagine what he felt when he viewed the graphic photos.

One of the open-air (aka: no aircon lol) restaurants you can find at every corner of the city.

Cheap food. But all very scrumptious.

Good beer too.

All of these (and many more) for under a thousand pesos. The best.

We had to leave on the third day so the next few shots were taken from the hotel lobby and in cabs.

The next two photos are my favorite shots from the trip.

Anytime of the day you’ll find locals sitting on Monobloc chairs and chatting over black iced coffee.

I really love how the Vietnamese locals stay true to themselves. They still live out their culture, more or less, as before but welcome the foreigners in their land with such admirable warmth.

I miss Vietnam and I hope I can visit more places in the country in the future. I haven’t seen the natural beauties the country has to offer but I’m happy that I got to see and somehow get to know a bit of the local characters.

(I don’t miss the wild motorcycle hoards though. Haha!)


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