last school day of 2012

December 14, 2012

The last day of the year was just unbelievable. There were so many unforeseen events (although we’ve had gut feelings from the start) and an overwhelming outflow of emotions from everyone. This day was so difficult (not so obvious from the pictures, right?) but it ended up being an unforgettable learning experience.

Merch people were required to wear black tops but Erica, OC and I coincidentally wore matching maroon pants! Haha

These are actually candid shots of Albert. Yes namaaan.

My co-heads are both so effortlessly good looking. Why am I even working alongside them? Haha jk

Sir P wanted to check out the jackets

Preparations before the actual launch

And some snacks.

Reverb also had a Christmas/year-ender event.

Some friends came by the CAS garden to watch Merphi perform!

Sunny but breezy day. Perfect.

They even played “Happy Birthday” on violin for OC’s birthday surprise!

We kinda had trouble lighting the sparkler candle (actually we were scared it would pop right in out faces)


Cake fight!

Sir A (father merch aka Mr. APS China/SEA prof) stopped by. I dont have a good picture of him from yesterday so this will do.

Empress of Taiwan, Dina Lee! ❤

Hello, Ultra Hipster Friends.

Look at that mischievous smile. What do you plan on doing with that balloon sausage???

Not all PhD holders are boring old smartasses who wear spectacles and other snotty looking clothing. Some wear balloon hats.

And some start trends that silly students follow.

But we took it to a whole ‘nother level.

The guys.

Hey, it’s Joey Mundo!

And plain old Ced.

There are many musically talented people from Merch. I’m so jealous of their skills.

I waited for almost an hour for my ride because of the traffic.

And waited some more in the car.

This traffic enforcer just left and let all hell loose. Jeez.

I rushed back to get home and wrap my gifts for the SCL Christmas Party. But pictures from last night will be posted some other time.


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