I woke up today and saw the world through a new pair of eyes

December 1, 2012

So my mum recently bought me a Canon 5d Mk III and I’m extremely grateful, I really am! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this day to come, the day that I’ll finally have a full-frame DSLR! I still can’t believe it.

They say photographers, or artists in general, see the world differently. I think everyone does, given that each person has his/her own perspective. But as a photographer I really do try to see and appreciate the details around me. And I remember that someone even teased me about taking pictures of mud! I got all defensive at first, but in the end I laughed too.

I laughed at myself. Because it was funny, wasn’t it? I took a picture of mud. Of dirt mixed with god knows what. And I laughed at myself because I found it beautiful in a way. Silly me.

It really is funny how each person perceives things differently. How something could just be a mushy mixture of dirt and shit and somehow be  ‘artistic’ to another person.

So just like everyone else, I see things differently. Since I started taking pictures almost seven years ago, I’ve always imagined how I’ll want a photograph to look like right before I actually click the shutter button. I formulate many beautiful images in my mind but I guess as an artist, the challenge is how to communicate those images materially. The power of the human senses and intellect can go such a long way but, unfortunately, could be held back by material limitations.

I don’t know why I had to throw in a bit of PhiloAnthro stuff in this entry (lol) but my point is really how my new camera can help me go beyond some of those limitations. That’s why I’m really grateful for this blessing. Finally I’ll be able to produce some photos almost exactly how I pictured them in my mind.

But of course I need a lot of practice because jumping from an entry-level to a full-frame takes some getting used to. I’m still limited by the really techy stuff in full-frame cameras that I know so little about. Haha. But I’ll have enough time to learn about all the weird buttons of my new camera anyway. :))

Here’s to taking pictures and screwing them up sometimes because I’m a noob! Haha enjoy this set of photos I just took this morning 🙂

(too much vignetting from using a prime lens. I must find a way to reduce it)

I found my mum arranging some of the furniture/house decor downstairs after her morning jog.

Out of focus, but it’s cute anyway.

I didn’t feel like having a pile of readings for breakfast. But I did feel like having a homemade cappuccino. Made from scratch with no fancy machinery! Haha

Viola! Foamy cappuccino for me and mama’s brunch today 😀

(I need to practice changing the aperture when I’m using the prime lens. Images taken with this camera are so creamy compared to my 500D)

My mum’s Tuyo pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and my first attempt at a homemade cappuccino for brunch! 🙂


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