I never used my family’s honey until now. And it’s actually pretty good!

Over 30 years ago, mama founded a company that specializes in commercial local honey and other neat food products such as a Calamansi juice concentrate with honey. So you can say that I grew up as a honey kid.

Honey for this, honey for that. Yeah. I remember that our house would be visited often by bees too.

But I never used our products for my own use. Well, I don’t cook or bake anything so why would I?

If there’s one thing though, that I love as much as biking (a pretty new hobby of mine actually), it’s making drinks. I just got into making drinks (coffee and tea) just last year when I purchased my own single serve French press, though I’ve loved coffee and tea since high school.

November 18th was a hot day. It didn’t feel like a “ber” month at all. But remembering that I had some peppermint and green tea at home, I excitedly decided to make a pitcher of iced tea for me and my mama!

So there you go, I finally used our honey for a refreshing pitcher of freshly brewed mint green tea with lime πŸ™‚


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