Bicycles, Rain Puddles and Childhood Friends

September 15, 2012

It’s been a long time since I last hung out with Pum and Beau, both whom I consider as two of my childhood friends. I mean, we met in 2006 and I was 12. Weren’t we all still like children back then? Haha! Anyway, more pictures and a few words under the cut. πŸ™‚

Biking with my old worn out pair of Toms. Soooo straight edge.

(photo by Pam)

Pam, Beau and I have always been a spontaneous and adventurous trio. So it was refreshing to hang with them again and take a break from my hectic schedule in college.

The weather wasn’t cooperating so we settled at Tully’s, a newly opened coffee shop along Exchange Road.

(photo by Pam)

It wasn’t one of those silly adventurous days we used to have. But it was a welcomed change because we talked about life and politics over coffee and waffles on a gloomy rainy day.

Amazed at the content of our talks, I went silent for a while and smiled (this is so cheesy). It was nice to see the three of us– three mischievous rascals– maturing finally. Our foolishness and silliness will never die out though, I’m sure of it. But at least I can feel us getting wiser and wiser as years go by.

(photo by Pam)

(photo by Pam)

After a few hours in the coffee shop we hopped back onto our bikes.

The rain poured down leaving us soaking wet. We came home, changed clothes (well they did) and commuted to SM to have dinner.

(Rant: I don’t know why the security guards at Pearl Plaza don’t allow bikes. It’s stupid because cars park their all the time. We’re paying customers anyway. Ugh. Whatever.)

Beau takes a long time to fix up so we took pictures.

The way to catch an FX was shady, as always in this part of Ortigas.


Wet, tired and hungry but we were happy. It was a good day with friends.


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