a day with the strangest people

Meaning  some of my high school friends!

It’s been a long time since I spent time with these crazy Catholic high school girls so we re-explored Tina’s house.

When it got dark, we went on a night stroll

and looked for some dinner.

pinky up, still. That’s how a lady munches on a burger!

We viewed some very cult-like hipster photos before we went out for dinner. This is Tina. According to her, she is “straight-edge”. Yeah, right.

Mocking is sometimes fun.

I find this photo funny because everyone turned their heads toward the camera

This is Vhan. She is cute, but can also look ferocious when in Hipster Cult Mode.

This is Pam with the coolest hat ever.

Actually these photos don’t even show how strange we are together but I’ll cut this short and end this incredibly random post with Tina’s dog’s end.


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