No to RH Bill Prayer Rally

August 4, 2012

So this is the second time I attended an RH Bill prayer rally (first one was held at Quirino grandstand). It wasn’t as emotionally overwhelming as my first time probably because it was held in a sort of condensed part of the city, Edsa Shrine, but the location is more iconic anyway.

I was greeted with hundreds of umbrellas shielding thousands of people from the heavy rain; it was very gloomy yet the mood was light, optimistic. Because of the terrible weather, I wasn’t able to take a lot of “quality” shots but I found my short stay at the prayer rally fulfilling. I wasn’t supposed to go because I had planned a little get together with my old high school friends but I managed to fit it in my schedule. I find it amazing how people would brave the heavy rain and sacrifice their precious time so they could pray for their country– and I think that’s one of the signs of how Filipinos show love not just for their country but most especially for their countrymen.

I know the slogans and tarpaulins of some people come across as really aggressive but I hope people would look past that because we really do have very good grounds and reasons for opposing the bill. I learned from a professor of mine in college that these issues shouldn’t be solved by deciding on which side you’re on, it shouldn’t be just black or white; the RH Bill has good intentions but is it the absolutely best way to solve certain problems we have here in the country? No, so why not devise a new bill that will really serve the common good for all?

Again to anyone reading this, I am just a teenager who doesn’t know everything about the issue. But I know enough to know where I stand. If you are just going to leave an irrational comment aimed to attack me, then please just think what you’re about to do. This post, in the first place, is not to cause a debate. I am merely just sharing my thoughts and photos regarding the issue.


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