My Sort of Back-to-School Film Post!

School Year 2012-2013 officially started on a Thursday and my first class was at 10:30 am. Morning rush to my class! (because I’m almost always late)

I brew my own coffee every morning so I can have fuel for the day. But surprisingly my mum wanted to taste the coffee I make! My family members are too lazy so they just settle for instant coffee. So I was happy to make my first cup of delicious coffee for her hehe. Yes, it’s an achievement! HAHA

My Film class turned out awesome. My professor is my sister’s college friend so I knew him since I was a 1st grader. Enough about classes, let’s have lunch! Here are the sexy back ladies, KimJo, Aleena, and Mica.

Bumped into Rozette, Merphi and Ning.

We don’t eat at the caf anymore because so many people occupy it now. Darn freshmen. Haha jk!

So we hang out at the Prom A instead. Say hi to Dale!

Korean food has been our favorite these first few days.

My lunch looks like it’s a preschooler’s! With my dino lunchbox and My Melody tumbler and all. Special thanks to Merphi for giving me yummy SophiSCA candy from Taiwan! 😀


Dina and Aleena.

Found the perfect pair of jeans. I don’t wear jeans but this skinny pair just feels right. Thanks to Massimo for their great pants! If y’all are costumers of the Gap, then y’all should check out Massimo Dutti. I’ve been a fan of ’em for some time now.

A guy once asked me if these brogues were golf shoes. Hm. Another guy asked if my oxfords were dance shoes. HM. Something I really don’t like is when guys clearly think your shoes are weird and ask the silliest things about them. :)) Whatever. Heels aren’t the only ‘girl shoes’ FYI. /end of rant.

Erica incorporating the summer ’12 vibe into her wardrobe. Haha

Class time again.

Erica, Dale, and OC.

Kim, a health junkie, brought celery and carrots for snack. Uh, just carrots please.

With Marvin this time!

indie chick

Hola Mari!

I have a break on T/F mornings so I hang out with Dale and Merphi at Prom A. It’s become the morning ritual.

KimJo and Cara. My favorite Povedans. Hehe

This is one of my favorite profs. I have a lot actually, thank God for UA&P’s awesome faculty. But Ms. Danica Ang is a character like no other. Hehe.

People watching a dance group performing at Prom A.

So my classes have been great so far (except for Filipino 3) and my professors are really excellent (again, except for Filipino 3). I love going to school and I hope this ‘back-to-school’ motivating spirit sticks with me throughout the year.Cheers to Junior year!

All photos taken using my Ricoh Singlex TLS loaded with cheap Kodak 400 Ultramax film


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