I love the North so much I might as well be a Stark. Ha!

I have many friends who prefer going to the beach as a summer getaway. I love the beach and all but I don’t like being at the beach. I just don’t like the feeling of salt water and sand in my hair and clothes.

Since it was the last weekend of summer 2012, my family and I went up North (for the nth time) for my grandmother’s birthday. La Union is right at the foot of the Cordillera mountains, so going up to Baguio city is just a 30-45 minute drive away.

La Union has a lot of great surfing spots and beaches but here are some of the reasons why I love going up to the North:

The mountains.

The cold.

The peace.

Also eating fresh, warm food in a cozy environment makes such a relaxing experience. I’ll have hot coffee and bread in the cold mountains over sipping a ripe mango shake by the hot beach any day!

Cafe by the Ruins is sort of an open-air restaurant built right by the ruins. It’s a local hot spot that serves pretty good food but their homemade bread and spreads are what I like the most. Excuse the bad photos, my family greedily ate the food right after I took snapshots so I couldn’t retake photos lol

 While dining, my nephews spotted a beetle munching on a leaf. Hello, little guy! As a kid I used to play with these beetles and tie them on strings BUT I won’t get into that because I might be accused of animal cruelty haha.

I also love the easy and simple environment.

So rustic and charming.

Thankfully the gloomy skies gave way for sunshine!

But the morning after gave us another foggy scene to wake up to. And I’m not complaining! I always prefer wearing layers of warm clothing over stripping down to a bikini for the beach. Heh.

We had to go back down to La Union to attend my grandmother’s birthday party.

Hello, Lola Pacing! She’s one of the strongest women I know, and I love her so much for having such strength 🙂

Happy 92nd birthday, Lola ❤ We had to go back to the metro quickly after the celebration though.

The usual countryside scene when going back to Manila.

An uncomfortable 5-hour drive to the North for just one night in Baguio and a quick drop by at a grandmother’s celebration may not seem like the perfect way to end the summer for a lot of people, but I grew accustomed to these visits up North since I was a little baby. The best reason I can give for why I love the North so much is that it is my probably my home away from home. It’s so far and different from the city but I feel totally at peace there. ❤


2 thoughts on “I love the North so much I might as well be a Stark. Ha!

  1. Hello! I had to say that Baguio is such a beautiful place, the cool environment, and all…I guess when I grow old, I’d love to live there! 🙂

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