Where the Merlion Lives pt. 1 (but actually this post doesn’t contain any photos of the Merlion)

May 17, 2012

So this was my second time going to Singapore. Last time I spent about 2 days with my Singaporean friend, Evon, and just 1 day with my sister and nephew (for Universal). Since this trip was supposed to be for my other nephew’s birthday, I made sure to bond with my family this time (especially since it’s my mum, brother and sister-in-law’s first time to go!).

This is Yannis. He gets bored on plane rides (unlike me) because he’s a seasoned traveler (unlike me) at the young age of 7. What was I doing at 7-years old?

Forgot to go to the slides at Changi airport! Next time.

View from our wonderful hotel located at Somerset Cairnhill, perpendicular to Orchard Road.

Navigator of the family.

My mum conversed with every Filipino she came across.

Went to a land not so Far, Far Away– Universal Studios Singapore.

I don’t get why American theme parks have to have turkey legs. Even in Disneyland. :))

A lot of senior citizens work in Singapore as concessionaires. They’re so adorable though! I have a big soft spot for the elderly ❤

My siblings are 32+ years old and they were too wimpy to accompany me. Wait for me next time, Battle Star Galactica, when I’m with friends my age!!! (bitter)

While in Singapore, I mostly wore my Adidas sneakers I bought from Paris (because Chucks will still kill your feet in Europe). I love them and they don’t seem to wear out easily! 🙂

This is my second time seeing the WaterWorld show in USS. Always a must-see! They made it more action-packed this time! 😀

I have so many photos from the Singapore Zoo. I love animals and it was my first time seeing the Zoo in daylight (only went to the Night Safari last time). So I’m cutting this post short with a few shots inside the park.

This is the only monkey I like because it seems like it’s so lazy and doesn’t care about the spectators. I have an old grudge against monkeys. One time at a zoo, a free roaming monkey jumped on my head and started pulling my hair like mad. I grabbed it and threw it somewhere! I know, I know- I shouldn’t have done that. BUT COME ON I WAS 7-YEARS OLD. TRAUMAAAA.

Will post more in the coming days! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Where the Merlion Lives pt. 1 (but actually this post doesn’t contain any photos of the Merlion)

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