Some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet

My brother once told me in a palanca letter (because we aren’t vocal at all heh) that you’ll have some of the best times of your life– with some of the best people you’ll ever meet– in college. I didn’t want to believe him at first because when he told me that I was just in my fourth year of High School crying my eyeballs out for I was graduating and would have to part with my good hs friends. I’m such a sentimental teen. Pssh. Wuss.

Anyway, I realized that he was right. I’ve met some amazing people upon entering college, but this post isn’t about all of those people I met in first year and second year; it’s about the people whom I just started to get to know.

This summer term included Business Communication (Presentation & Writing), my very first majors class for Integrated Marketing Communications. Thus, my very first class with my IMC block, SCL. 

Most of my SCL blockmates were unfamiliar to me because I belonged to Block J (you could say it’s an outcast block haha) in first year. Surprisingly though, my SCL-mates and I clicked! Top it all off with an amazing professor.

Here’s two of my blockmates with me and Sir JDV after our first presentation for the class.

Here are some more of my blockmates after the first presentation (May 9, 2012)

I must say though, my blockmates are really fun to be with. So I invited a lot to my 19th birthday party (celebrated on May 11, 2012). The party was really fun (the clean kind, I swear). I was so out of it, others were so out of it (ahem) and some were just really sober that they unfortunately had to witness those who were so out of it. Nonetheless, everything was clean fun because my friends (including my SCL block mates) are just so caring that way (aww why so cheesy) .

Good decision on inviting them, Iya. Or else I wouldn’t have survived the night and my party would have been the worst party of the summer. Haha

Here are some of the guys after our Pecha Kucha presentations (May 16, 2012)

Some of the cray cray people on the same day

And the boys helping out our professor (who totally has a killer smirk/smile, riiiight?)

My awesome group mates for our final presentation about the Death of RIM

I am so blessed to have these extremely supportive, incredibly talented, diverse group of people as my block mates for IMC. With such a tough course to be in, you’ll really need people who’ll (hopefully) never leave you feeling outcasted and unsupported. With just two months together with the block so far, I’ve already put so much faith in them.

Maybe it’s just that i’m feeling the hormones rush (excuse the PMS), but I feel like I’ll be having such a kickass time with these people in the next 2 years of college. So forgive me for sounding so clingy even though we just started summer vacation and had our first official block party last night. Ha! 🙂

Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet

  1. Hi!!!! I’m aisa the one who took a stolen shot of you at the airport. Hehe! Sorrry! Really love your hair;) Hope to meet you again soon!:)

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