Dear Mama,

I’d like to thank you for all the smiles you give me everyday

even though you’ve gone/going through a lot of obstacles. Sometimes you even fight our battles for us, your children.

 I thank God for giving you strength to do that because you never showed any sign of weakness. Never.

Sorry for all the times I’ve been such a brat, especially when it’s my birthday or Christmas. But always know that I never take the things you give to me for granted.

You’re more than a mother to us since you’ve tried your best to carry out fatherly duties as well.

I can only hope to be as good as a daughter as you are a daughter to Lola Pacing.

Yannis and Sean are lucky to have you as a grandmother.

No one is like you. No one comes close.

So thank you, mama! I know I’m not very vocal with my feelings but I hope this letter would do. I love you! (ang cheesy diba haha)

From Iya.


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