Summer Nights

April 9, 2012

Remember me ranting about not being able to go out as much as other people I know? Well shortly after that post I asked my friend, Pam, if she wanted to just hang out.

Hanging out with Pam this summer means biking and taking pictures. Summer with Pam (and other high school friends) years ago meant playing tennis and eating a lot of fries. We were barely into our teens and now Pam’s 20 and I’m turning 19! Time flies by so fast, guys.

We were setting up our bikes when we saw this businessman getting ready to mount his hog-like motorcycle. Bad ass.

Our bikes are so wimpy compared to the hog. Buuut it’s environmentally friendly! Haha

Pam got new shoes.

Haha excuse the tired faces. We rested a while in Milkyway Tea to cool off from the summer heat! I swear, the heat sucks all the energy out of us. 😦

We biked around and saw ANOTHER bad ass bike! What is up with the cool bikes making our own look so laughable?

Ghost Rider‘s bike without steroids. Ha!

Pam met a friend.

But it didn’t like any company.


Pups n’ Boots.

Of course we took jump shots at this perfect spot.

But of course I won’t post ’em here. Haha

How can real models do the hand-on-fence pose so gracefully? :))

It was getting dark and many people were starting to go home. So we decided to get a move on and buy some dinner at a local Korean mart.

But our little friend appeared again!

People nowadays have such interesting hairstyles.

Yeah, yeah including mine.

Uhh. I don’t know how we got a bit lost. I know this city like the back of my hand but I haven’t walked on foot around it for a long time. This is me checking the street names. πŸ˜›

Finally we got to the Korean Mart near Emerald Ave. and bought our dinner with dessert.

That looks like a…

But it was delicious. Like iced Chuckie.

Shot this while biking. I have terrible balance.

Pam liked the light coming from her bike lights so we took pictures.

All I needed was some time out of the house after all. Good times.

*photos of me were shot by Pam


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