rambling of a girl who has an itch to go to places

April 8, 2012

It’s about 3 weeks into my ‘summer’ vacation and the only places I’ve been to are just around the city, in Ortigas to be precise. Those 3 weeks aren’t wasted because I’ve been productive, meaning I had a life outside the world wide web. But summer, for some, is an excuse to explore the country or abroad. It was never really like that for mine. My only vacations would be going to my province up north of Luzon and sometimes some other provinces that could be reached by land. I’ve been to very few countries in Asia with my family but we never made it a regular thing, unlike visiting my province up north like twice or thrice a year. Heck, my first time to HK was when I was 12 and the second (and probably last because my mum doesnt like it there) was when I was 15. But then came college and I was able to meet people coming from different parts of the Philippines. I was able to go to Cebu two times last year and even went to Iloilo and Bacolod. In college, I was also able to join a World Youth Day pilgrimage group and got to travel around 3 countries in Europe.

What I’m rambling about is the fact that I never really get to travel around so much unlike most of my friends. I’ve been really…well, ‘envious’ these days because all I’ve been seeing in my social network feeds are travel stuff. I probably came off sounding like a brat who thinks she doesn’t get to travel much but it isn’t my intention to sound that way. I just want to express how I’m itching to go around even if it’s just within the metro. Maybe this is the effect of being at home for almost a week because it’s Holy Week and we (my family) traditionally don’t go out during this time. Also I traveled so much last year that it feels weird not feeling the thrill of going in and out of airplanes, trams, night trains, boats and rented cars. Ah well.

Actually my family and I are going up north again this week to surf, so actually my province is kickass– not boring at all. So I don’t know why I wrote all those words up there but it seems like a waste if I’ll just CTRL+A+Delete them. HAHA!

Iya, you should really stay away from the internet when you’re having PMS. Noted.

Anyway I should just let you guys be and hopefully enjoy the picture above that I took in Paris last August 2011. Hope you guys forgive me for sounding annoying =)) haha!


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