Crappy pictures of a surprisingly good day.

April 4, 2012

So I, still wearing my PJ’s, spent most of my time at this comfy spot in the house…

…finishing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And at times I would pause to drink my coffee (which I’m happy to say I made using my new French press teehee), take a bite off what I’m eating, or check my university grades online. Today was good because I had just finished an excellent book and got really good grades overall, even getting my first uno or flat 1.00! Thank you to my Shakespeare professor for enlightening me about the works of Shakespeare and the power of literature.

I also wrote something about the book on Goodreads which you can see below. Can someone tell me why I’m not taking Humanities again? Oh yeah, it’s because my writing is crappy. Hah!

**Let me tell you now that NOT ALL PEOPLE WILL LIKE THIS BOOK.**

I’ve been meaning to read this book for years now and seeing how long it was I didn’t really know when I was going to have the time fit it into my university schedule. I hardly had time to read but after finals week, I gave it a chance and found myself reading it from dinner time ’til the wee hours of the morning.

The storyline is great. I can’t comprehend how Larsson managed to come up with this. As a blurb in my copy of the book implies, the plot was ingeniously made– though a lot of people may disagree. It’s a great book, it really is. But this “review” isn’t about summing up the book and telling you how great it is. Heck, this is hardly a review. I just wanted to address this to people who don’t understand the “unnecessary” parts of the book.

I said earlier that not all people will like this book simply because a lot of people may not like this kind of writing. People say it’s dull and too detailed (so many descriptions of what the characters are eating, wearing, using, etc.). I actually love those kinds of books. I read not just for the sake of joining a bandwagon but I read for the reason of losing myself in a work of literature, a whole different world from my own (which is why I mostly read fiction apart from my university reading load). I am also a photographer, an artsy fartsy (heh) person who likes vivid details. A reviewer said it was unnecessary to describe which brand or what kind of item the characters use/own; I say that the details tell more about the character and it makes me, as a reader, more interested. And the fact that this book takes place in a made-to-seem-real part of the world, I found it enjoyable to learn the different preferences of the characters, much like how I find it interesting to get to know a real person’s preferences.

I found this book to be very well-thought of. Each detail, description, preference of the character is a sign. It might not be clear at first, since it’s just the first book, but it’s all part of getting to know the characters in the book’s world. As a former theatre student, I believe that all of these details are important or at least they mean something. I don’t think Larsson put different brand names and food choices because he felt like it. They’re all signs and as readers, we are given the chance to recognize those signs and understand them; much like how everything that is on a theatre stage is subject to the examination and interpretation of an audience..

As a break from the dark thriller, I started reading Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket, author of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books) and I kind of want to put it down even though I’ve only read as far as page 20. I don’t know. Maybe after reading an “adult” thriller with so many layers, it isn’t so much of a good transition to start leafing through a shallow (based on what I’ve read so far) bitching of a teenage girl about her breakup.

So I went to the cupboard to get a snack.

As I was reading Larsson’s book, I snacked on baked potato fries— fattening, but at least they’re baked! If that helps, lol. Anyway, there really isn’t much to snack on in this house. Which is actually a good thing.

So I munched on these yellow things. (I know I said so much so’s. There I am again, so..).

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell y’all that I’m working through my to-read pile and I’m thinking of working on my work out plan. I’ve been swimming and biking a couple of days a week but eh. I don’t think that would make me significantly thinner (but I know I’m getting so much tanner) but I still have plenty of time before summer ends. For now, I shall devote most of my time for rest. My day today, while spent in my little comfy corner of the house, was great. Good summer so far!


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