Paul Hueman two-tone glasses

So I finally have prescription glasses! The 3 other pairs of glasses I own are just accessories lol. I had my eyes checked yesterday and it turns out that I have astigmatism. My right eye (my “photography” one too) is perfectly normal but my left eye is a wee bit blurry. I can do without glasses just fine, really. But since I like wearing demo glasses I thought I might as well care for my eyes and get a real pair of prescription ones. After all, the demo glasses might damage my eyes. :P

I chose these glasses because they give more character. I love the combination of the brown and the blues. 🙂

The photo above is less saturated than the first one because the sun was suddenly covered by the clouds. Boo.


4 thoughts on “Paul Hueman two-tone glasses

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  2. Hi! Where did buy Paul Hueman eyeglasses in the Philippines? I’ve been looking for them everywhere! I can’t find any. Cheers!

    • Sorry for this late reply! I have summer classes so I’ve been pretty busy. I got them from Optical Works in Shoppesville, Greenhills. They have a lot of Paul Hueman frames 🙂

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