Palm Sunday

April 1, 2012

Today marks the beginning of the Holy Week! April 1st is also April Fools day but it’s more important to celebrate Sunday with a good mass than with a prank. Haha. I was once the master prankster of the household but became too lazy as I aged (lol).

More photos of how I spent my Sunday after the cut!

Hopefully these two will grow up to take my prankster title. I have another nephew/niece on the way! My sister-in-law and my brother announced after mass that there’s going to be a new family member very soon. What a happy and blessed way to start the Holy Week! 🙂

EDIT: The pregnancy was an April Fool’s joke pala. Damn it. Why did I fall for that? Maybe because I want to have a niece so baaaad.

We also lit some candles.

It was a surprisingly sunny day. After days of constant rain, finally some sunshine! Great weather to start the week.

Weekly Sunday lunch with the family. Today was my brother’s turn to choose a restaurant and so we ate Chinese.

Then…lego building.

Oh to be a kid again.

New glasses that are actually prescription ones! See post here: [click]

I’ll have a separate post for my new eyeglasses but for now, look at my new coffee press that I love!

*photos of me were taken by my sister


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