Death Cab For Cutie finally live in Manila!

March 25, 2012

After years of thinking they would never come to this land (maybe because of the underestimated size of the fan base?), they finally did! I guess the decade wait (for some) paid off because last night’s show, as Ben Gibbard tweeted, was so loud and wild! I’m so happy they loved it here.

Anyway here are my photos all shot with my iPhone 4s. Some were edited by Instagram. This proves that I will still try to take photos even without a dslr! Hah! Fisheye lomo photos will come soon. They didn’t allow polaroid cameras. Sigh.

Pat and I lined up at 2:30 pm and Tina followed at around 6:00 pm. They only started letting people in at 7:30pm. Dedication!

Here’s the 5:45pm line:

Here’s the 3:30 pm crowd going wild over sound check!

Ben’s voice, Nick’s bass, Jason’s drum line and Chris’ guitar playing instantly gave me the chills. Surreal is the best word to describe it!

Front row! Because I don’t have a digital point and shoot camera I had to settle with my iPhone 4s and Fisheye lomo cam. I guess having only my phone and a toy cam prevented me from getting distracted. I can safely say that I really enjoyed every second of the concert! Goodness, I miss the thrill already.

Panorama before the show started. We weren’t that far away. The iPhone’s optics just made it seem like we were pretty far from the stage. I’d say we were about 7 or 8 ft. away?

Here we go!!!

I am a big, big fan of Chris Walla and seeing him right in front of me was just unbelievable!

I Will Follow You into the Dark was probably one of the best performances of the night. The audience interaction was amazing.

Because I was at Chris Walla’s side of the stage, I was able to hear the second voice so clearly. Whooo!

Ben Gibbard is one wild, wild man.

He’s such a rockstar! He’d just toss his guitar around and quickly change to playing the keyboard.

Jason McGerr! I love him as well. I love this band so much. But Jason is one heck of a drummer and a giant one too! I was afraid the drum set would just crash to the ground with the intensity of his playing! Haha

I was blown away at how each member of the band is so incredibly talented! We saw Jason’s intense drumming skills, Ben playing 3 instruments (guitar, keyboards, drum ‘duet’ with Jason), and Chris (guitar) and Nick (bass) swapping instruments! What an amazing group of people in one band! Damn!

The 6-hour wait was worth it and I’d do it all over again when they come back! Last night’s show is so close to becoming my favorite concert of all time (I’m only 18 so many more shows to go!).

Thank you Death Cab For Cutie for coming to Manila, Philippines!


2 thoughts on “Death Cab For Cutie finally live in Manila!

  1. Amazing photos!!! I was there too but i didn’t bring my dslr (cause it might get confiscated or whatever) so i just settled with my itouch haha 😦

    • hi! These are taken by my iphone actually! Haha i wanted to bring my dslr but yeah, they didnt allow professional cameras. Thanks for leaving a comment! It was an amaaazing show to watch 😀

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