Toro y Moi live in Manila (at the Hard Rock Cafe)

The first time I heard of Toro y Moi or Chaz Bundick was when he remixed a song by Tegan and Sara called “Alligator”. It was such a great remix so I wanted to hear more from him. And then I learned that he was coming to Manila, Philippines! Ahhh!

Photos + a video under the cut! They’re watermarked for obvious reasons. Please credit if any of you will be reposting! πŸ™‚

Thank goodness the gig was held at Hard Rock Cafe! HRC is probably one of the few places that allow DSLRs in concerts.

Eventually the place was packed and more people went up the balcony.

First opening act was Tarsius!

Next was Techy Romantics! Two of them were high school teachers of my friends. How awesome is that?

They were all so energetic!

Now time for the man we all waited so long for.

My friends and I were so close to the stage. So close that the person beside me fist bumped Chaz!

Pat, the bassist, during sound check and setup!

Jordan even took pictures of us using his disposable camera! Haha!

Let the show begin!

This was when Chaz asked for a ‘low-five’ from my friend. Ha!

End of the show.

This is the only picture of Andy (drummer) I got to take. I wasn’t in the middle so I had very little view of him.

Chaz gave away his setlist to those at the front row. Since we were right in front of him I was able to get it! Here’s a photo of it with a polaroid I took during soundcheck.

One last song for the encore!

“You guys are so wonderful!”

Gino and Fab πŸ˜€

After the show Jordan (guitarist) went out for a meet and greet.

He was such a nice guy.

Then Chaz went out!

We had some stuff signed and of course took pictures.

My friend had a wallet signed. Look, he drew something! A customized wallet by Chaz. How awesome is that?

I haven’t scanned the polaroids yet but here they are! Chaz signed the other one πŸ™‚

I loved every minute of it. From the great opening acts to the meet and greet! I’m so excited to see more great indie bands coming to Manila!


“Chaz, can we take a wacky photo?” “Yeah, of course!”


8 thoughts on “Toro y Moi live in Manila (at the Hard Rock Cafe)

  1. Love the photos! May I ask what lens are you using ’cause my 18-55 lens just gave way, and I want a good walk around lens (; Hope to see you around Manila before I leave for home! Can’t wait to ask you “AREN”T YOU EGGCHEEKS?!?!?”

    • Hi Shan!

      I use a Canon f/2.8L 24-70mm. It’s a really good walk around lens but it is pricey. A good alternative would be a Sigma lens that has the same aperture (f/2.8). I believe they have a 17-50mm and a 24-70mm. Sigma lenses are cheaper but they’re still good lenses. I had one before switching to the Canon version.

      Haha thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’ll be attending another concert on Feb. 29, Hard Rock Cafe for The Pains at Being Pure at Heart gig. πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness! It’s such a pleasant surprise that you commented on my blog. Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope to see and capture more gigs of the Techy Romantics! πŸ™‚

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