I can sing and dance, hell yeah.

January 17, 2012

 But am I good at all? :/ Haha!

We had to practice for our musical theatre workshop until late at night. It was tough trying to choreograph our dance because we were mostly composed of dorky dancers in the group haha!

January 18, 2012

I arrived at school 2 hours before my class for a meeting with the Live United campaign people. Then I went to the caf and found Cielo, Magat and Ced studying for their Español exam! ¡Ay, caramba!

Guys who tie their hair. Dale

and Alba

I think I should get a tip from them! Haha. I just arrived so my hair was still wet and mannnn it was so messy. Embarrassing! Photo by Dale, I think?

Cielo didn’t want her picture taken :c

Ced and Magat

Me with our musical workshop teachers, Pat and Ikey! 😀 Ikey’s from the international show, Kitchen Musical! Pretty cool, yeah?They were both just delightful. It was great having them.

With my Theatre Arts professor, the lovely Mrs. Chesie!

All of the groups were entertaining and hilarious! The past 2 meetings of theatre were incredibly fun! By this point I’m already in love with the class even though I made a fool out of myself when I sang a part in my group’s musical. Haha!

Some of my classmates (group 4 of the musical workshop) with the instructors.

For the videos from this day (one features me singing huhuhu) just go to my youtube channel [click this link]


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