We were the cool kids back in our day

January 21, 2012

After jamming at Sam’s I went to a mini get together with my high school DNAISIB gang. We all met in first year high school and well, called ourselves DNAISIB and it stands for “Do Not Accept If Seal is Broken” hahaha kids these days aren’t even half as cool as we were back then. *chuckles*

Me and Hershey (Tina’s hotdog dog).

The gang! Without Angeline, and other ‘members’. =)) So much junk food = our normal environment.

We all met at Domino’s to pick up food before walking to Tina’s house. This is little 19-year old Tina stressing over her love life. Harharhar jk :)) We also grilled Beau that night. Whoot whoot. I also realized how boring my life is.

Beau and Vhan looking like a couple. Not really. (see Beau not liking female intimacy)

Checked out Tina’s college life!

Her reaction!

After all the drama (Tina’s) we started to dance! Without music because Tina’s TV didn’t work with my xbox for some reason. 😛 But it’s okay! You don’t need audio to dance, right…?

Vhan’s really enjoying this game. See Tina looking pretty nervous because it’s her turn next.

Vhan enjoying. Normaaal.

LITTLE T GETTING HER GROOVE ON! (cheesy gif hehehehe)

Looking like KPOP stars, guys!

Tina’s in ecstasy.

With Dani this time!

Little T (Tina) + Asian kid (Beau)

This is the worst gif ever. But I like it ’cause look at Little T looking so happy =))

and oh so slutty. Oh Yeah!

Time for the pro to dance (Pam).

Yeahhh this is how pros dance y’all

Awkward finish =))


[some photos shot by Pam]


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