Siri was right.

January 14, 2012
the photos are in a bigger resolution because I think they simply look better in this size. Sorry for those people who are viewing this in smaller screens! Just press [CTRL or Command] and [-] to make the site smaller.

The reason I asked was because we scheduled a shoot today. It pushed through, thank goodness!

It was a gloomy day. Don’t underestimate Siri.

I went to Ayala Museum first before heading to school. I had to visit the gold collection (for my PhilHis class) that dated even before the Spanish colonization. Our ancestral datus were fiiiiiilthy rich.

There’s this really adorable exhibit on Filipino children’s book illustrations. I just had to take sneaky shots using my 4s to show you guys! So nice!

I felt very nostalgic because these illustrations were part of the children’s books I read growing up :’)

Gloomy day in Ortigas.

It wasn’t a photo shoot but a video shoot for a school-wide campaign.

We headed to the smucket (a designated place in school where students can burn their lungs up haha jk) to schedule the next shoots for the ad. It was my first time in the smucket so I took pictures. I’m a curious girl, I know.

Chuckie is addicted to his ukelele.

Louie recently got hooked on Temple Run. This is his post-Temple Run face:

This is Alba.

Found this written on the bench.

And smoke we did. Ha! I don’t smoke. I’m serious. Can you imagine me, with braces, inhaling the nicotine? Eek.

So I mainly just took pictures while the guys huffed and puffed.


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