Where did all my money go?

As if I wasn’t broke enough, I got myself three new paperback books.

I haven’t bought a book in ages. My last book purchases were probably these. So naturally….I splurged.

This was the first book I picked up in Powerbooks. I checked out their “new arrivals”/”best seller” section and was surprised to see cool reprints of Penguin Classics books! Apparently it’s a 1962 classic by Shirley Jackson and it has gotten a lot of good reviews, enough to make me interested in reading it (heck, it got so many awards too so I think it is a must-read!). And look, the introduction is by Jonathan Lethem! I’ve been looking for some of his books after reading Sara Quin’s recommendations.

I quickly went to the “Authors – L” section and saw 3 books by him! Not the ones SKQ recommended but those 3 books still had good reviews, especially this one.

The cover instantly reminded me of Berenice Abbott‘s iconic 1939 photograph called “Night View”

  photo from this NPR.ORG article

I was planning on just getting one or two books but I blame my excited geek self for hoping that some other SKQ recommendations would be in the store. Hello, Independence Day by Richard Ford! SKQ also recommended this. It has mixed reviews but I’m a sucker for sad, moving stories so I thought about picking it up.

It was on sale so obviously I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass!

I may be broke and short of lunch money but I am absolutely contented and happy. Hehe.


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