It took 3 years for the couple to prepare for this Filipiniana wedding (part one)

I haven’t updated in so long because of a number of things.

  1. I had a lot of work to take care of.
  2. I was in Cebu for a week!
  3. It’s summer vacation. Why would I want to be stuck at home?

But anyway, good thing I was able to edit and upload these part 1 photos. Hope you enjoy ’em! 🙂

(and P.S., my photos really dont do justice. The wedding was really beautiful and since I was also helping my sister coordinate, I only had few opportunities to snap pictures.)

March 25, 2011

I went to Fiamma to cover three parties that were happening the night before. I got home at 2 am and woke up at 3.30 am, only an hour and a half of sleep, to pick up the flowers, meet up with my sister’s friends (who are also in my sister’s coordinating company) and drive 2 hours all the way to the outskirts of Tagaytay where Hacienda Isabella (where the reception was held and where the guests stayed) is located. I was supposed to pass the opportunity to see the wedding so I could rest, but my sister said that they won’t be coordinating a grand wedding anytime soon after this one.

Like what usually happens on road trips, we passed by a number interesting things along the way, like this little duck right here who tried to cross the road. 😛

The road nearing the Hacienda was beautiful!

It was a beautiful day so the view of the driveway of the Hacienda looked extra welcoming.

The flowers were blooming prettily too!

This is the way leading to the main guest house.

There’s this big ass mirror so I couldn’t resist a reflection shot! Haha. Also,  I was wearing all black that day to “blend in”.

Plenty of natural sun light will greet you as you enter, thanks to the tall windows.

Here’s the area where the dining tables, washroom and stairs leading to the upper part of the guest house are located.

Hey, you can see the bride and dad going down the stairs while having their picture taken by just one of the top wedding photographers in the Philippines. Yeah. No biggie. Hahaha jk. You can really tell that they saved up for this wedding to get top notch wedding crew!

The other side of the house. Every area is so interesting because of the decorations! I really love wood, bricks and antiques.

“Old” houses > modern houses for me.

One day, I will collect leather suitcases from all the places I’ve travelled to.

The design of the hacienda is actually pretty consistent! Check out the bathroom.

There were also some pretty decorations to make the place even more interesting.

Now we shall go to the main bedroom upstairs!

We organized and labeled the gifts

The bed was in the middle of the room and had curtains around. It looked pretty intimate. Haha

The wedding rings in a very cheesy heart-shaped box lol

The theme was Filipiniana so the Bible, rings, coins, etc were put on top of these uhh…sack-like pillows? Haha sorry I don’t know what they’re called but it really fit the theme!

The gifts were Philippine-made. They even had sungka (Filipino board game) for the children to take home to play with!

The florist did a beautiful job. All the flowers are naturally found in different places in the Philippines.

The sun was shining so high and the winds were cool and strong; it was a beautiful day for a wedding.

[More on the other places in the Hacienda and actual wedding next week!]


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