Everyone was jumping, cheering, praying, and hoping.

March 25, 2011

I went to Tahilan Center (opus dei place with a vocational school and where some students/professors can reside) located near Taft to meet up with Ms. Corinne. We were going to just discuss the WYD and WYD indigents.

Or so I thought.

Ms. Corinne wanted me to accompany her to MAPUA, where she now teaches, so she could set up her desk for the next term (I carried her stuff along the way lol). She also spontaneously decided to tour me around the parts of Maynila near the university.

It’s so heartbreaking to see children of the Philippines like this.

Look at the students on top of the fortress!

We also bumped into Joannaaaaa and Ms. Corinne’s student from MAPUA. It was a pleasant surprise!

Ms. Corinne and her clean desk. 😛

A prof’s desk

Some art teachers can be really messy. Haha!

After MAPUA, we walked around Intramuros and had a deep and passionate talk about Film. Also known as Ms. Corinne ranting so much. Hahaha. But I loved our conversation. It was refreshing to get insights from someone who is so passionate about all kinds of art. 🙂

I think the tiles are from the 1980’s because Intramuros was renovated during the 80’s?

Bus ride going back

Had chocolates given by some of the nice people in the center!

While Ms. Corinne worked, I read about some of the places included in our World Youth Day 2011 itinerary!!!!! Sooo stoked.

Rizal Park

So Ms. Corinne got to convince me to go to the RH Bill prayer rally at the Quirino grandstand. It was a great photo opportunity for a good cause, but I only stayed for a few minutes because I had to go to Fiamma to work.

Hello theeere, Kuya Kim.

Everyone was jumping, cheering, waving, praying, and hoping.

It was awesome.

[Btw, Ms. Corinne’s the organizer (and alumni from UA&P) for the WYD group I’m in :D]


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