Katipunan is like St. Paul Road xinfinity

september 17, 2010

I went to the Ateneo last friday with my blockmates to have…lunch.

Actually we headed to Katip to buy materials for our EnSci project but we all know that we fucked that plan and just pigged out at Ateneo’s cafs ’cause UA&P’s food = way more expensive.

Here’s Sharyn (my blockmate and friend) and her sister, Sheryl. ‘

“My sister’s hot, right?” –Sharyn

I agree. :))

Met up with Elisa and Jino (it’s supposed to be spelled with a G but whatever, I’m used to spelling it with a J, hehs)

aka thunderpopcola and dogmentality :>

Jino’s kind of like my partner in crime in some EDTP gigs because not all of my clients are close friends of mine, so without him I’d be alone :)) Thanks, man!

Elisa’s “lunch”.

Hey we had these in the SPCP canteen! ๐Ÿ˜€

He doesn’t like candid pictures ๐Ÿ˜› Boohoo.


and her blockmates!

Hello, Vhan! We shall reunite this Halloween! Old VV5 Trick or Treatin’ times! Can’t wait!

Bumped into Alex! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

It was almost 3 so we had to head back to UA&P. I actually missed our school ’cause it was so hot in katip and the TRAFFIC. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE TRAFFIC.

This is Jireh and she’s my age! Seriously! She looks so young omfg.

Hello Sheryl Fierce and Ramon. :))

Sharyn was kinda of annoyed and worried at the Katip traffic. We had to wait like 45 minutes to actually get a cab. Crazy!

The De Jesus sisters both have bitch mode scrunched up eyebrows. Scary but sexy.

I went to Shang after school to meet up with Fru and Zaffie.

I thought I was running late.

Ola at the MRT station! Yeah, I made them commute all the way to my house so they could experience a part my everyday life and to prove that we conyos from UA&P aren’t maarte HAHAHA =))

It only took 15 minutes! train ride + walk = made them tired as hell. Chicken lang yan ano ba :)) I thought they were used to it since they’re from UST. Hehe.

Then we watched horror movies and had a pizza partaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaay! I missed moments like this โค


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