Cold Streets

I started commuting again today!

Gaining more weight each day, so I decided to commute again instead of having to wait for my driver to arrive. I’m going to get more exercise and consume less gas! Ohyuuus.

I love walking as it takes my mind off a lot of things. As a photographer, I love observing things. Nothing is ever the same the next time you see it (unless that thing’s so so so so static, I guess). Taking in all the details makes me feel so happy. God’s creation is so wonderful! (Oh hey, inspired my Theo?)

I need time to think and breathe. No wait, I just don’t need time, I need…I don’t know. I don’t know what I need because what happened is so new to me, something I haven’t dealt with before. Fuckery. 😦

But I thank God for letting me freely express what I have inside to my blockmates and friends. ❀

Oh hey, here’s one of our helpers taking Oreo out for a walk!

I should prolly sleep now. Will blog more tomorrow, bye y’all!


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