I wish my school week always ended on a Thursday

It’s Eid ul-Fitr today, so whooo! No school!
I really needed a break from school. But I still have a ton of work to do!
So I didn’t go with my family to Subic today (I have the whole house to myself!)

Nahhh. Like I said, I have a ton of schoolwork and that just makes me saaad. Beau and Pat invited me to Gen. Luna’s album launch tonight, too. But ughhh. I’m not allowed to go ’cause my family’s in Subic and I have no driver. Sucks.

I’m going to school tomorrow for the Physical Education Symposium and then have lunch with my blockmates (BJ FOODIES, WADDUUUP!) and later on with Jino (thanks for accompanying me again, man!) to my client’s party. I guess this weekend won’t be so boring afterall.

Anyway, enough about this long weekend. Let’s see how my Thursday went down.

The BJ foodies tried Ya Kun Kaya Toast (yummm!) yesterday was my third time there! Their pulled iced coffee is still one of the beeeeest.

Migs said t’was “oddly yummy” :))

Idk if Daryl and Mica liked what they ordered 😛

Jigo doesn’t approve! He loves this place (and so do I).

Hello Aleena! 😀

That lunch was surprisingly heavy! 2 toast slices, 2 poached eggs and iced coffee? Cheap too. Wow.

I was supposed to meet Beau after school for his payment but he ditched me by going to a party instead (hey betch, you better give me that money!). So I hung out with Rea in McDonald’s.

I gave the NU stickers I got from Nina and Francis last wed to Rea! Haha she’s a big fan so she was so happy to get ’em!

I mean, who doesn’t love NU?

We talked about a lot of things.
One thing I like about talking to Rea is that I can really go all out. I don’t get to do that much nowadays because I don’t get to see my most trusted friends a lot, and I have quite a number of things to let out.

Ily, Rea! Thanks so much for keeping me company ❤

Well, yesterday was definitely a great way to end the week. 🙂


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