I sorta felt cool

the moment I entered NU’s office. NU fucking 107’s office, dudes!!!

I had to meet Nina Sandejas last Wednesday (September 8, 2010) so we could start editing the pictures I shot of Imago’s Sessionistas gig (I’ll post a blog with outtakes and a link to my music photography blog soon).

We had to wait for my driver to bring the card reader. So we waited outside and they took cigarette breaks.

Look! It’s Ariana’s uncle, Sexaaaay Powntri! HAHAHA!

Later that night, we found out that we could transfer the pictures via Nina’s pen tablet’s usb cable! Hahaha d’oh!

We finished in one painful hour :)) T’was hard letting go of some shots, but that made my folio better.

Before I went off, I asked if I could get a picture with the master of body english! =))))

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Nina! And I had a great time 😀


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